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Galleon's Graveyard

Manufacturer: Intamin
Type: Flying Dutchman
Number of boats: 20
Number of people per boat: 2
Total capacity: 40
Ride cycle time: 135 seconds
Hourly capacity: Approx 300 people
Opened: 2002
Closed: 2004








The ride was once located in Hanna Barbera Land and named 'Captain Caveman's Clippers, but was moved to Transylvania in 2002

Galleon's Graveyard was in principle a chain carousel, designed in a new way. It consisted of a telescope type center column. The cabins stood on the ground for loading and unloading. After loading, the telescope column was lifted up slightly and the "turning star", to which the cabins where attached via cables, started to rotate. While it rotated, the telescope column was lifted up approx. 3 m above ground level. The rotation speed was adjustable.

Sold and removed after park closure, current whereabouts unknown.

Had a very amusing button on the control panel called "Lower after stopping", which was fairly pointless