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The Jousting Ring - Operation

Number of Cars on Track: 28
Number of passengers: 56
Height Restriction: 122cm to drive
Ride cycle time: 115 seconds
Hourly capacity: Approx 400 people
Opened: 1985
Closed: 2004





The Jousting Ring - Construction
The Jousting Ring - Demolition


The ride was a simple dodgem car ride, but always a favourite of many people who went there.

There was the ability of the operator to turn up the voltage on the ride, this really made the cars go a hell of a lot faster (although it was a bit more dangerous as the collisions were at a higher speed) and lets face it the seat belts were not really designed for really high speed collisions. It also meant the cars did cool skids and you could even get them to drift around the corners. I am sure that many of the unloaders/operators at dodgems would always be very puzzled that people had a lot of difficultly putting the belts on the right way. Simply over the shoulder people, its not that hard!


Welcome to the Dodgems. There is a maximum of 2 people per car. Anyone under the height restriction must ride with someone above it. Seatbelts must be worn at all times, please place just put your arm through the loop. Do not put it around your waist, across your chest or around your next. Once the ride starts please drive in an anti-clockwise direction only, please do not deliberately drive head on into another car. If your car becomes stuck, or starts going backwards keep your foot on the pedal and keep turning the steering wheel, if it won't turn one way turn it the other way. Here we go enjoy your ride.