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The Great Balloon Escape Operation

Manufacturer: Zamperla ride base manufactured at Camac, Carriages & Balloons made at Zamperla Italy.
Type: Balloon Race - Park Model
Length: 14 mt - 45' 11,18”
Width: 14 mt - 45' 11,18”
Height: 9 mt - 26' 6”
Number of gondolas: 12
Number of seats: 48
Minimum passenger height: 1,05 mt (42”) if not accompanied (ride specs, not wonderlands)
Number of people per gondola: 4
Ride cycle time: 120 seconds
Hourly capacity: Approx 120 people
Opened: 2002 - Came from HBL after it closed, this was one of the first rides to be relocated and renamed, it used to be called Boo Boo's Balloon Race
Closed: 2004
Interesting fact: There where 3,840 light bulbs in The Great Balloon Escape