A Message

Dear members,
I am very humbled by the group's and public's support, and extend my special thanks to all of you.
I generally read the opinions and comments posted on various threads, and appreciate the feedback, however upon reading I understand that some further clarifications would be of great help, which I am pleased to present.
Australia's Wonderland / Wonderland Sydney was indeed my place of work for nearly 9 years. It started just as my school holiday work in Year 10, but 2 university degrees and 1 professional career later - I still couldn't let go. I am sure you can understand how I took the closure, and to date have not gotten over it. You can say that Wonderland is not just in my blood, but in my bones too.
As the park was about to close, I made a series of enquiries to investors and corporations - all in vein. As much as they were helpful, it was too late as ING had a contract to fulfil. Then after closure, I continued to exert more and more efforts to bring 'something' back and in doing so started spending more and more of my time and money on investigating numerous options. However 'anti-theme park sentiment' was unfortunately already ingrained, and large organisations declared that Sydney is no place for a theme park - that it has a "colourful history" - despite the true reasons being substantially different.
I vowed to bring Wonderland back, and stood by this desire until it became a dominating obsession of my life. In 2009 I redeveloped my vision, and embarked on the unthinkable - to try taking a lead into the business myself. Based on some feedback and comments from the organisations I had met and my own property development expertise, I concluded that if ever Wonderland or any theme park could come back, it had to be a very commercially viable proposition with multiple returns from places other than the park itself - and not from expensive tickets.
It has taken another 4 years of time, effort and expense to produce a commercially viable proposal, and let's just say that in recent times things have looked promising.
The proposed "Western Sydney Theme Park" is infact a whole 'precinct' that will have a series of tourism and recreational facilities. And Sydney's Wonderland (which will be around just one-third of the overall precinct) proposes to recreate as much of the old Wonderland as possible - but with substantial use of new technologies, modern facilities, efficient layout, crowd and queue-line management, and lots more.
Making this move however was no easy task. I implore you all to understand the pressure and expectation that is coming while we push ahead with the proposal. I also invite you all to dream big and join us on this journey of creating what we all loved about our Wonderland.
Finally - hats off to Wonderland Sydney FB page for playing a pivotal role in my 'goal setting' and their help in keeping the dream alive.
If you wish to contact me directly for any reason, feel free to email at 'info@sydneyswonderland.com.au' or follow me on Twitter @sydwonderland.