DATE: 1.3.03 TIME: 12.30pm




I was called to booth 1 at around 12.30pm as a female guest was getting loud and abusive towards Staff1 and Staff2. The issue was that the guest wanted a disability discount but did not have the correct card. She produced a PPS card that is a pension card but not a disability card.


When I arrived she was with one other female, 2 males and 2 children. She was very agitated and I identified that she appeared very edgy. I tried to explain that she wasn’t entitled to a disability rate as she didn’t have a disability card. She was swearing and saying she was from Tasmania and that was what they gave out down there (this could be heard by the staff in Bottom Guest Relations). I tried to explain that Centalink was Australia wide and that the disability card was the same throughout Australia. She started demanding that we give her the discount. I again tried to explain to her that this was not possible.


The second female, who I later found out was the mother, started saying just give us our money back were going. Staff1 advised that no money had exchanged hands at this stage. One of the males then said “give us back the F***** card we’re leaving”.


The 1st woman then said it was disgusting and she would get me fired for not letting her in. I gave her my card and advised her to put her concerns in writing.


With this the group proceeded to leave and headed towards the car park. The 1st woman returned twice to abuse both myself and Staff1 and continued saying we should give her the discount. Eventually the entire group left. Staff2 and I watched them and they stopped at the top of the main stairs.


After about 20 minutes I was advised that they had returned. By now I had briefed security on the issue and advised them that they had returned. They were doing an escort at this time and so remained in the area. The 2 females and 2 children had returned and purchased full admission tickets. The 2 males returned about 2 minutes after and also bought full admission tickets. As the female left the ticket booth area she saw me and said, “I’ll fix you”” and walked off.


They then all proceeded to top GR and hired a wagon. She made a comment to Staff3 about how rude it was that she couldn’t get a discount and said that she would be making a compliant in writing. V hired the wagon without getting further involved.


The group then made their way into the park. Security followed for a short period.