Transylvania Operation

Transylvania was once a dark and gloomy land (the experience was even better on a cloudy day) etc.. etc..


Ride Came from Opened Closed Went to
Wizard's Fury Kings Island.
Former name: Bayern Kurve.
Opened:1973 Closed:1984
1985 2002 Demolished and scrapped in 2002
because of rust in the train.
Galleon's Graveyard Hanna Barbera Land
was Captain Cavemans Clippers
2002 2004 Sold and removed in 2004 after park closure
current whereabouts unknown!????
Dragon's Flight Build for wonderland in 1985 1985 2004

Removed in 2004 just before the park closed
and shipped to a Sunway Park in Malaysia

The ride is still in operation today and

still named Dragon's Flight.

The Demon Expo 88.
Former name: Titan
Opened: 1988
Closed: 1991
2004 Removed in 2004 and sent to Visionland Alabama,
renamed The Zoomerang.
Visionland Alabama then changed to Alabama Adventure
for the 2006 season. Still in operation.
Space Probe   1995 2004 Removed in 2005


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