Ride Removal & Current Location

Tasmanian Devil - Operation

The Tasmanian Devil was taken from service mid 2003 for an annual shutdown.
It was scheduled this to take about 4-5 weeks which was a pretty big annual for Taz.
It needed some exploritory inspections which involved pulling off the cars, arms, turret, top slew base and mid slew base.

After this had been done the slew gear bearings where inspected and also had independant opinion on them,
the outcome was that they needed replacing (top and bottom) at $20,000 each.

The hydraulic drive motors and lifting cylinders needed overhaul as well at appoximate cost of $50,000.

The decision came from management to halt all work on Taz.
Management  kept telling maintenance that they were considering either repairing Taz or replacing with a new attraction.
But after some time they instructed maintenance to remove the centre mast out of the pit and cover the pit over with timber boards and chipbark.

Taz sat beside the maintenance workshop in many pieces until it was sold in 2004 to Tony Smans,
the ride was moved to Melbourne to be trailerized. (Pictures Below)

Fri Jul 02, 2010
Taz is for sale in the Australian Amusement Directory Classifieds.

Explorer Ride,
Needs to be finished off, $45,000 GST included.