NAME: Chris



GREW UP IN: Mt Druitt, NSW

As a customer how many times do you think you went there?
Not as many as i would of liked to.

What is your earliest memory of Australia's Wonderland?
My first visit to Wonderland was in 1986.  I went on the Bountys Revenge (it was the first ride you saw as you walked in the place). I was pretty freaked out as I was pretty young and only just managed to make it over the height restriction. I had never been on a ride that went upside-down before, and the feeling of hanging upside-down on the Bounty's was pretty scary. Afterwards, I wanted to go on it again cause it was so much fun, but of course there were other rides to be had. After this I went on the Wizards Fury, Beastie, Snowy River Rampage and the Bush Beast.

What was your favourite ride and why?
Easily the Bush Beast. It was awesome to ride at night, you couldn't see what was coming up, great during the day, but even better at night. Especially the part of the ride when it comes out of the fan curve.

Were there any rides that you were scared of? If so why?
Ned Kelly's Getaway. The further you leaned forward the further you came away from the slide. Lean forward too much and you would free fall and smack into the bottom of the slide with so much back jarring force you could feel it for days after.

What do you think was the most underrated ride at Wonderland and why?
Scooby's Silly Stix. Always was fun to jump around on the nets, although you always seemed to generate quite a mean charge of static electricity by riding down the slides.

When was your last visit to Wonderland?
2011 to the boneyard.  Ohh, you mean when the park was operating, 1997 new years eve.

How did the closure of Wonderland make you feel?
Very sad, so sad i needed to keep the memory of wonderland alive, Wonderland History was born.

When you think of Wonderland now, what does it mean to you?
When i think of Wonderland now i think of all the pictures, video and accompanying stores out there, untold, collecting dust, never to be seen again.

Any other stories related to Wonderland?
After wonderland closed i forgot all about it, until December 2004. I was out at the M7 site office, i walked over to the wild life park fence and looked over and all i could see was overgrown grass. I had to get in for a better look.
A few months later i parked the car on Wallgrove road next to Bush Beast, and walked down towards Snowy River Rampage where I jumped the fence. I walked in between Snowy River Rampage and the Bush Beast. It was then i could see the first sign of devastation. Snowy River Rampage had been demolished. I looked around and found the operators panel well what was left of it.

Wonderland Sydney Snowy River Rampage Operators Panel
to be continued…

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