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HMS Endeavour

Ride Type: Sea Panic
Guest Capacity: Standing: 80, Seated: 16
Ride cycle time: 150 seconds.
Hourly capacity: Approx 530 people.
Opened: 1989
Closed: 2004







Sea Demon - Construction
Sea Demon - Operation
HMS Endeavour - Videos
HMS Endeavour - Ride Removal.

HMS Endeavour was a Sea Panic amusement ride which simulated the pitching and rolling motion of a ship at sea.

HMS Endeavour was the first ride to be relocated and renamed at Wonderland, before it opened in Gold Rush as HMS Endeavour it was called The Sea Demon and was loacated just behind where the "Shipwreck" was opposite the lake, with the ride pad located in the area that later became the Wildlife Park

HMS Endeavour was loacated in Gold Rush on the old Funnel Web site where it used the original Funnel Web queue lines.

HMS Endeavour had the 2nd largest capacity of any ride in the park, as you could fit a max of 96 people on it at once at full capacity.