WIZARDS FURY - X1574 Daily Check

Initial Inspection
1 Check all lap bars for proper function.
2. Check car wheels for cracks or other faults.
3. Check retaining bolts on both tilt sprockets on all cars.
4. Check tread and case of drive wheels for faults, Replace if necessary.
5 Visually inspect brushes for wear or other faults. 6. Listen for air leaks,   
7. Visual inspection of complete track.  8. Check for loose boards on track.  
9. Drain air receiver.   
10. Cycle ride and check operation.
11. Check Q rails and Q house for trip points and sharp edges
12. Check turnstyle
13. Check phone and PA system
14. Check fire extinguisher is fully charged
15. Check height stick against fun and safety guide 112cm.   
16. Test E stop.

Once the ride had been inspected as detailed above and was ready to operate the maintenance worker would sign and date the checklist.

The ride operations staff would then verify all checks where initialled, the dates correct and maintenance signature and name where supplied.

A ride operations staff member would then sign and date the checklist and open the ride ready for guests when they enter the park.

NOTE. the ride must not be opened with any part tagged down as out of service without approval from the duty maintenance manager and operations manager.

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