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Manufacturer: Vekoma
Type: Parachtue Tower
Number of Gondolas: 6.
Number of people per gondola: 2.
Ride cycle Time: 20 seconds.
Hourly capacity: Approx 300 people.
Opened: 1991
Closed: 2004







Skyhawk consisted of a steel tubular structure and a supporting structure with arms for the 6 parachutes, It operated almost noiselessly and required very little ground space.The slender tower was free standing on its foundation.
Each one of the 6 double seat parachutes was connected with 2 steel ropes to a hoist link inside the tower.

Originally the ride had 3 seated gondolas and 3 standing gondolas, but the seated ones were removed in 1997 and replaced with standing ones to make it a completely standing ride.