23/07/04 - Family seeks theme park ticket refund

Date: 23/07/2004
Publication: Newcastle Herald
Page: 23

A RUTHERFORD family whose children spent their Christmas money on a $495 Australia's Wonderland yearly pass, is fighting the now defunct theme park for a refund. The Nash family called on the Department of Fair Trading for help after calls, letters, emails and faxes to the theme park were not answered. Jennifer Nash said her four children pooled their Christmas money to buy the one year open family ticket, which was never used. Australia's Wonderland closed its gates in April after recording constant financial losses. Management cited difficult market conditions and skyrocketing insurance premiums for the park's closure. Mrs Nash said her children were "disappointed and peeved" that their Christmas money had "gone down the drain". She said their plan was to visit the park for birthdays or if they went to Sydney for a weekend. "We had planned to use the pass earlier this year but because of a family situation we were unable to attend. "Next we learned the park was closing and that's when we started to try to get a refund." Mrs Nash said she heard a report that Australia's Wonderland would honour all yearly passes with a refund.
A Department of Fair Trading spokesman said the family's claim would be honoured.

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