DATE: 17 August 2002

TIME: 2.10pm








INCIDENT SPECIFICS: X burst into the office very angry and upset about the cast member on Space Probe.


Y is an exchange student form America and X and family brought her to Wonderland for the day. Y didn’t want to go but went along with the girls. When they got to the start of the line she the two girls had to go on before Y, as there was spare seats. When it came to Y’s turn she decided that she no longer wanted to ride and told the cast member that was had chickened out and didn’t want to go. The cast member told that it was too late and she had to ride. Y protested and refused to ride however, was refused to exit by the cast member. X then, still very worked up and loud, said what would have happened if she had had a heart attack whilst she was on the ride. I explained that I was not sure of the procedures in that department however, I don’t see any reason for then to refuse to let you exit. I then explained that the process of investigation and that the manager would get back to them. I gave X one of Z’s cards with my name on it just to re-assure her that if she had any problems or questions she could give Z or I a call.

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