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Ampol Antique Autos

Average no of Cars on track: 6
Number of people per car: 4
Ride cycle time: 150 seconds
Hourly capacity: Approx 270 people





The cars were based on Model T Ford, and ran on 900m track that wound its way around an area of the park located next to the Sundown Theatre in Goldrush. The cars did about 8 km/h, and you were able to steer the cars within reason. The height restriction to drive the cars was 122cm, which was strictly enforced. Parents were also not allowed to nurse children on their lap in the drivers seat. The ride passed under the 'Ned Kelly's Getaway' and also in later years next to the Skyrider Goldrush Terminal. 

Once a child steerred a car so hard in the wrong direction on the final corner that it actually bumped and jumped up and left the track (at 8 km/h) coming to rest against a tree. Those inside were fine, however this was believed to be impossible to occur.