NAME: Not Given





DATE: 10/2/04 TIME: 2:55pm




Gentleman came in to say how disappointed he was with the park. He couldn't believe that he paid so much to get so little. He had not been for 4-5 years and he says that too many things had closed such as HB.


He said that Snowy River had not been operating all day and either had the Endeavour. I told him that as far as I knew they should both be operating but I can double check. He told me not to bother as he was on his way out.


He was extra annoyed when he went to the beach to find only one slide operating at a time and when he said something to a staff member on the slides he said “what do you expect when you only pay half price to get in on Tuesdays”. He had not paid half price and was annoyed that he didn't get the discount.


I asked him for his tickets and he said don't worry I haven't got them I just wanted to say that the park has been a real disappointment to him and his young kids. He said the park is looking really run down and looks like we're going broke and left.