Guest Relations Training Program

Training Program For Guest Relations.

Day One:


  • Trainee to be introduced to the background history of Wonderland Sydney with The Australian Wildlife Park.


  • Trainer to show trainee the location of the staff canteen, toilets, public phones, lockers, etc.


  • Trainee to be shown around the Front Gate area including:

    • Ticket Booths

    • International Tour Groups Window

    • Guest Relations Window

    • Wonderpass Redemption Centre

    • Wildlife Park Admission Turnstile

Also show:

    • Turnstiles

    • First Aid

- Guest Relations/Lost Children

Trainer to explain the overall function of these areas.


  • Trainee to study the park map to develop an understanding of where rides, attractions, and all other facilities are located in the park.


  • Trainer to introduce trainee to existing staff and supervisors.


  • Trainer to sit down with the trainee in a quiet location and highlight the Guest Services Guidelines, including all aspects of providing quality guest service.


  • Trainer to introduce trainee to the overall function of Guest Services including:

    • Assisting the Queues for Greetings

    • Opening the Guest Relations Counter

    • Offering excellence in service

    • Wonderpasses

    • FOC Admission

    • Disabled guest admission

    • Phone calls

    • 2 Way Radio

    • Lost Children

    • Handling guest complaints

    • Park Walking

Trainer to go through and explain all of the above points to the trainee.


  • Trainer to take trainee on a park walk. Explain the purpose of and procedure for park walking. Point out all the rides, safety signage, toilets, etc. Take at least 1.5 hours to do this. Trainer to ensure they cover the entire park during this park walk.


  • Take the trainee to see the Millennium Magic show and Action Man.


Prepared by ‘Train In Solutions’ for Wonderland Sydney

December 2000

  • Trainer to spend the last two hours of the day in Top Guest Relations and explain the overall function of the area, including,


    • Float collections

    • Telephone enquiries

    • Daily Briefing Sheet

    • Stroller/Wheelchair Hire

    • Lost Property

    • Handling guest feedback, including writing Incident Reports.

    • Briefly show the Centaman System.


  • Trainee to observe the trainer perform the closing procedures of Top Guest Relations.




Day Two:


  • Trainee to continue developing their park knowledge and understanding of the Guest Services Department.


  • Trainer to show trainee how to open Top Guest Relations including:


    • Collecting the Floats

    • Undiverting the phone

    • Preparing the counter and hire books for opening

    • Cleanliness of work area

    • Telephone Etiquette


  • At Top Guest Relations, trainee to observe trainer serve guests and answer phone calls.


  • Trainee to observe all operations for Top Guest Relations. Trainer must ensure that they show the trainee how to:

    • Use the Centaman System and all types of transactions processed here

    • Use the eftpos machine

    • Sell Wonderwall Bricks

    • Hire out strollers and wheelchairs

    • Wonderpass Admission

    • Using the two-way radio

    • Using the phone


  • Trainer to explain in detail the Lost Property Procedures.


  • Trainer to explain in detail about handling guest complaints and difficult situations. Explain about the purpose of and how to complete Incident Reports.


  • Trainer to check how the trainees park knowledge is developing.



Prepared by ‘Train In Solutions’ for Wonderland Sydney

December 2000

  • Trainee to assist the trainer close the Guest Services Counter including:


    • Diverting the phone to night mode

    • Leaving work area clean and tidy

    • Lights off



Day Three:


  • Together with the trainer, trainee to open Bottom Guest Relations including:


    • Collecting the float

    • Preparing the work area for opening

    • Serving guests

    • Answering phone calls


  • Trainer to show/explain trainee how to do the following at Bottom Guest Relations:


    • Use the Centaman System for all types of transactions including processing them

    • Disabled guest admission

    • Complimentary Letters

    • FOC admissions

    • Reversals

    • Cash Variance Policy

    • Wet Weather Policy

    • Return Visit Pass Policy

    • Telecheck Process

    • Discount vouchers/tickets

    • Prepaid tickets

    • Manual Sales


  • Trainer to reinforce standards and procedures for dealing with guest complaints and difficult situations, incorporating the Incident Report Form.


  • Trainer to explain about conducting guest surveys including:


    • The purpose of surveying

    • How to approach the guests

    • Compiling surveys


  • Trainer to explain to trainee the procedure for ride breakdowns including:


    • Ride breakdown due to a breakdown

    • Ride closed due to routine maintenance

    • Guest response

    • Attending a ride breakdown – comforting guests




Prepared by ‘Train In Solutions’ for Wonderland Sydney

December 2000

  • Trainer to explain in detail about the following areas:


    • Lost Children

    • Making park announcements/paging guests

    • Attending to ill/injured guests (appropriate ways of talking to such guests – remaining calm, closed end questions to find out where they feel the pain, etc)

    • Power failure

    • Emergency procedures


  • Together with the trainer, trainee to perform the closing of the Bottom Guest Relations.





Day Four:


  • Together with the trainer, trainee to assist the queues and greet the guests, and hand out brochures at Front Gate.


  • Under the observation of the trainer, trainee to operate the Bottom Guest Relations Counter.


  • Trainer to ensure that the trainee has a complete understanding of all the procedures related to working in Guest Services.


  • Trainee to complete the day in Bottom Guest Relations with the observation of the trainer.


  • At the discretion of both the trainer and the trainee, sign off on competency levels for all procedures relating to the role of Guest Services.





















Prepared by ‘Train In Solutions’ for Wonderland Sydney

December 2000

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