09/03/04 - What do you think of Australia's Wonderland closing down?

Date: 09/03/2004
Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Page: 32

Hugh Cooney, Yr 2
I'm quite sad about it. I did want to go before it closed. I like the water slides.

Nicola Downing, Yr 3
Luna Park is opening this year, so you still have a fun park in Sydney and there's always Jamberoo.

Melissa Tierney, Yr 4
It's a bit sad because you can't go there with your family anymore. I hope they put something new there that's as good.

Frances Packer, Yr 5
It's pretty sad, but it's similar to Jamberoo which will attract more customers, as well as Luna Park.

Jake McMullen, Yr 6
I would have liked to go before it closed down, but there is still Dreamworld and the ones in Queensland.
PCharlie Dubois, Kindergarten
I don't know much about it, but I'm going to Jamberoo Recreation Park soon!

Rose Guthrie, Yr 1
I don't think closing it is very good because it was fun. I liked the animals the best.