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Medieval Faire

A make-believe world of knights and dragons. Of damsels and court jesters. It's the world of Sir Lancelot and King Arthur: the world of Merlin the Magician. A spell-binding world where Wizard's Fury can send a chill of excitement through you: where mischievous pirates cavort aboard the Toohey's Tall Ship, The Buccaneer. And you can capture it all with Wonderland Memories, where Kodak supplies the best quality film and cameras . . . they'll even lend you a camera for the day so your memories will be forever.

Oh boy, does Medieval Faire know how to rock the boat! One ride on the Bounty's Revenge and you'll know what being all at sea is really about. The 15 metre long ship carries 50 passengers at a time. . . that's 50 passengers who better not get seasick. 'cause after swinging like a giant pendulum the Bounty takes its Revenge and makes a breath-swallowing 360° swing. Try that before you've eaten at Lancelot's Feast or Marion's Kitchen! Not quite so wild, but just as exciting, are the shows on Toohey's Tall Ship. The Buccaneer The Tall Ship is part of Australia's Wonderland logo and is the centrepiece of the park. Moored in Endeavour Bay just inside the park entrance, it strikes you even before you're inside the gates, with its 20 metre high masts dominating the skyline. Every day an acrobatic pirate show takes place on the ship, with today's Blackbeards springing from the hidden trampolines in the deck on to the special rigging, or using the catwalk yardarms from the mast to spring on to an enemy. About 5000 park visitors are able to watch the show from terraced seating around the Bay or from the three restaurants overlooking the action and 1 the other observation areas. And will they see some action! The Buccaneer features cannon that set off water spouts — it all looks and sounds like the real thing. The pirates are all skilled acrobats and athletes. Their vivid swordfights high above the water and the spectacular plunges from the masts to the deck or the water will live on in your memory. And be warned, some of the meaner characters might just try to row ashore and kidnap the young spectators! All in all, it's the home of the world's most spectacular stunt shows.

Medieval Faire Rides List

Came from
Went to
Sea Demon?19851989Sea Demon was moved to the old The Funnel Web site in Gold Rush and renamed HMS Endeavor where it used the original Funnel Web queue lines and operators booth until its closure in 2004 .
Buildings built when
the park was built in 1985.
Cars where new.
The cars were sold in 2004 and the building demolished in 2005 .
Toohey's Tall Ship
The Buccaneer
Built for Wonderland
Oct 2000
Demolished in Oct 2000 to make way for the War on Water show. They cut the ship up and used a crane to lift the pieces out. They used a blue spanner (oxy torch) to cut some of the metal and in the process the mast caught on fire.
Removed in 2004 just before the park closed and shipped to a Sunway Park in Malaysia called 'LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN'. It is still named Dragon's Flight.
Kings Island.
Former name: Bayern Kurve.
Closed:1985 and shipped
to Wonderland
Demolished in 2002