Guest Services Opening Procedure

Guest Services Opening Procedure

Updated: 13.5.02



  1. When driving in check Wallgrove Road, Wonderland Road and Car park for cleanliness. If cleaning required contact 540.

  2. On arrival collect radios and keys for the day. Check walkway from post to reception. If cleaning required contact 540

  3. Check in trays in reception and operations. Check for any tickets/admission requirements for the day and distribute accordingly.

  4. Collect milk for Coach Captains Lounge

  5. Switch off lights (Int. tunnel and booth area, if on) located at Cash Control entrance.

  6. Check drains and tiles at Plaza Entrance (Turnstile end). If cleaning required contact 540

  7. Settle G2 EFTPOS and print test ticket

  8. Open Coach Captain’s Lounge:

  9. Milk in fridge (Minimum 2 Litres)

  10. Turn on TV

  11. Check Cleanliness

  12. Check Bench tops and coffee table

If Cleaning required contact 540

  1. Turn off lights (around GR building, if on) located in park services storeroom next to toilets

  2. Close toilet doors (if open)

  3. Settle all EFTPOS in bottom GR

  4. Print test tickets in bottom GR

  5. Test all tickets at WLP Entrance

  6. Unlock Retail Plaza Shutters, however do not open until 9am.

  7. Settle EFTPOS in all booths

  8. Print test tickets in all booths (Weekends, Public and School Holidays Only)

  9. Collect EFTPOS reads and settlements and take to Cash Control (Before 10am)

  10. Check all booths for cleanliness and stock levels. Re-stock as required.

  11. Update Rides Closed boards in International and booths.

  12. Conduct Front Gate walk paying attention to

  13. Counter tops at all windows

  14. Bins and ground area between Plaza and booths

  15. International tunnel garden beds

  16. Bus stop area for gum, graffiti. stickers etc

  17. Walkway between Bus stop and main stairs

  18. Stroller ramps on both sides of the stairs

  19. Grassed area on both sides of the stairs

  20. Main gate stairs including garden beds and logo. Look for weeds and remove if present.

  21. Walkway from bottom of stairs to ticket booths

  22. Check this area for puddles and contact 540 to squeegee if required.

  23. Ensure bollards are in place at Wonderpass Sales area.

  24. Open shutters between 8.55am and 9am.

  25. Place staff into booths as they arrive. Ensure all are briefed in regard to anything for the day.

  26. Ensure lunches are roster.


If additional staff are required (due to lateness or sick days) they can be sourced from many areas within the department. Always remember that to strengthen one area you may be weakening another. Always try and have a contingency in place to counter any problems that may arise. Try and anticipate where you may encounter problems prior to them arising.

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