What Wonderland Really Means



Why do we all here love Wonderland? Was it the rides? Sure they were fun and gave us a thrill but it has gotta be much more than just that. It's gotta be more than the shows, more than the animals, more than just the food (well the Nachos anyway) and more than the games. 

The reason we all love Wonderland was because it filled a hole in our childhood (or adulthood) Wonderland not only had a certain place that it filled out there on Wallgrove road at Eastern Creek, but it also filled a certain TIME. Einstein told us that the world is 4 dimensional (not 3) and that 4th dimension is time. So we could spend all the money we want on building something, but it would never be the same. Even if it was re-created brick for brick. 

It would never be the same because you could never re-create the time you went there for your 7th birthday. The trepidation you felt before the first time you went on the Demon. The excitement of meeting Fred Flintstone when you were 4, or the nervousness of passing through wardrobe on your way out to work on your first day. 

You could never re-create the people that you went to Wonderland with and the memories that you collectively share. Your friend who you dragged on the Bounty's Revenge, that mate of yours who vomited up their fairy floss on the Tasmanian Devil, or the inappropriate touching of your new girl on the Wizards Fury. It's the friends that you made while you were working there, the parties you went to, and all of the dicking around you did during your shifts, that's what really made Wonderland. 

Sadly Wonderland is no more, it's not going to come back, no place will ever be able to fill that void simply because Wonderland is so etched into many of our memories of growing up. Everyone yearns for the good ol days. But even if you bring back the good ol days, it's never the same. Remember when Hey Hey it's Saturday came back? Or It's a Knockout? No matter how much they try it was never the same. You can never re-create those childhood memories.

Wonderland filled a certain place and time for all of us. All we can do now is share our stories, of the places we went, the people we went with and the things that happened. We can tell our own children of that wonderful place that existed out at 100 Wallgrove Road, Eastern Creek and hope that when they reach our age they too will have somewhere where they grew up that means as much to them as Wonderland means to us.

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