Bushbeast and Beastie Relocation

On Thursday the 24th of Janurary 2013, Wonderlandhistory negotiated with the current owner of the Bush Beast & Beastie carriages to have all of the remaining unsold carriages removed from his current site and taken to a new secure site where eventually we can have them restored and placed within a museum to Wonderland. These carriages needed to be removed from the current owners site ASAP so we were able to negotiate with him to remove what was left. 

Part of the negotiaton was that wonderlandhistory are being given the carriages on the priviso that we pay the $6,000 price for them in two months time.

This part of the deal has taken a considerable weight off our shoulders in having to come up with considerable funds ASAP. The understanding we have made is that we have the carriages on loan to us, and in 2 months time, we will hand over a cheque for $6,000 to the current owner and we will take full ownership of the Bush Beast and Beastie trains.  If not, he is going to take them back. 

So some details about our mission, at 7am yesterday we arrived at the current site in South Western Sydney and proceeded to load, the entire Red Bush Beast train, half of the yellow train, the entire light blue Beastie train and half of the dark blue Beastie train onto the back of a truck and took them out to their new home just outside of Penrith.

We offloaded them from the truck, and that was that. We now have (on loan) most of the rollercoaster carriages from the Wooden Roller Coasters at Wonderland.

Furthermore to this, we plan to build a small musem to Wonderland, at this current site, with numerous articles from Wonderland (not to mention hopefully these carriages) obviously this is still a long way off at the moment. Our first priority is to raise enough money to buy these carriages outright.

So thank you for all of your support, but there is still a lot of work to do to raise some money, so please no matter how much you can donate, no matter how small please click on the link on the top right to donate today and help us keep this peice of Wonderland's history forever.  

Once we have raised the money we will start inviting donators to come out and visit the trains (take some pics) so they can see where their donations are going, and then eventually down the track we will have our very own Wonderland museum. 

Thanks for your support


The Team at Wonderland HIstory