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Captain Caveman's Clippers

Number of boats: 20
Number of people per boat: 2
Total capacity: 40
Height Restriction: 122cm to ride alone
Ride cycle time: 135 seconds
Hourly capacity: Approx 300 people
Opened: 1985
Closed: 2002







Captain Caveman's Clippers was the first ride relocated after HBL closed in 2002, it was renamed Galleons Graveyard and put on the Wizards Fury slab which was extended outwards towards the que/viewing area to allow for the swing of the boats so they would not hit the house which is the original Wizards Fury house.

This ride had a button on the control panel called "Lower After Stopping" which brought the ride down to the ground from a height of about 40cm, once the rotation stopped. I have no idea why they could not have just automatically had this occur as part of the normal end to the ride like most rides of it's type. It seemed like a pretty pointless button but it was needed to be used on every cycle.