Dragon's Flight

Manufacturer: Designed by Zierer, built by Franz Schwarzkopf.
Type: Wave Swinger
Number of chairs: 48
Ride cycle time: 90 seconds
Hight Restriction:122cm
Hourly capacity: Approx 550 people
Opened: 1985
Closed: 2004







Dragon's Flight - Construction
Dragon's Flight - Ride Removal
Dragon's Flight - Current Location
Wave Swinger Specifications

Dragons Flight is a Wave Swinger ride that is actually a standard protable ride that you can find at a lot of travelling shows.
The ride however was fixed to Wonderland and installed as a permanment attraction.
The ride lasted for 90 seconds and once that ride was over, it was up to the operator to bring the ride down, and then actually stop the rotation of the ride with a small hydralic foot brake. It was always amusing if the operator jumped on the brake too hard, which would send riders crashing into each other. 

There were often a lot of problems with guests on the ride who would either swing and twist their chairs, grab onto other chairs, as well as loose articles (such as hats and thongs) that would go flying off and end up all over the place. Also due to the nature of the motion of the ride, there were often quite a few people who would bring up their lunch after this ride!