Wizard's Fury

Wizard's Fury Wonderland Sydney

Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf
Ride Type: Bayern Kurve
Number of passengers: 32
Height Restriction 122cm
Number of cars: 16
Passengers per car: 2
Ride cycle time: 140 seconds
Top Speed: 120 km/h but it is typically run at 64 km/h in most parks, at wonderland it ran at 50km/h.
Capacity: 900 persons/h
Ground space - outer diameter: 21 meters
Total power required: 93 kW
Weight: 29 tons
Unit: Inclined track circle, stationary drives with brakes, 16 hingely connected cars to permit tilting freedom
Opened: 1985
Closed: 2002








Wizards Fury Construction 1985

Wizards Fury Daily Check

Wizards Fury was a "Bayern Kurve" ride, riders sat in one of the sixteen bobsled-themed cars that traveled at a high-speed around a circular single-hilled track that went through the "Wizards House" and back again, about 20 times per cycle. Riders start in an upright position and as the cars pick up speed, they tilt inward toward the center of the ride. This ride is also known for its distinct whine that increases with speed due to its tire/blade drive.


It was very VERY noisy, and quite old, it was designed in the late 60's and installed into Kings Island in 1973, removed in 1985 and sold to Wonderland.

In 2002 the Train and track where demolished because of rust in the train, The Wizards House was not demolished, the ride pad was later used for Galleon's Graveyard.