01/07/97 - Kelair keeps the rides running

Kelair Pumps Australia Pump Action Volume #9
Behind all the thrills and excitement of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest theme park is a team of dedicated professionals led by Engineering Services Manager Terry Evans that keeps over 80 exciting rides in top working order.

Some of the most popular rides are water based, and it is for these that Kelair Pumps has been supplying equipment and maintenance since 1985 when the park opened.

Terry Evans has been working closely with Kelair Service Manager Les Dennis for many years, and has been impressed with the level of service that he gets, with weekend and after hours calls being attended to promptly avoiding downtime on popular rides.

“Kelair has a very good response time and an innovative approach to solving problems”, says Evans.

This problem solving expertise has recently been applied to one of the most popular rides, The Snowy River Rampage.

The spectacular excitement of this ride is created by large submersible pumps that move thousands of litres of water a second.

Whilst Kelair have recently installed a new axial flow pump, the other pumps in place have suffered from cavitation damage due to the harsh nature of their operation. Kelair have replaced the original cast iron rings in the pump with stainless steel. Terry Evans explains, “these rings will minimise cavitation damage, and will save money on downtime and repairs.”

Kelair supplied all the pumps at THE BEACH, a “theme land” in the park that has several refreshing pools and water slides, from the terror of The Free Fall Slide to the more peaceful Mountain Cascades.

Most routine maintenance for this area is carried out in the winter when this area is closed.
Over the years, Australia’s Wonderland has entertained nearly 10 million visitors.
Kelair are proud to have been a part of the team that has made it all happen.

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