Bush Beast Demolition

Monday August 29, 2005.

Driving past wonderland i was shocked not to see the Bush Beast, standing there, wtf! i had to take a closer look.
What came next was a visit to wonderland i will never forget.
These are the photos that started Wonderland History.



They where in the process of separating Bush Beasts steel track from the wood.


They where starting to demolish the station which was for the most part still intact.

I had to get in to see more! I will not go into how i bullshitted my way in, only that once i had I was told NO PICTURES and to stay up the other end of the park away from the Bush Beast.


With that in mind, i preceded to drive down into Gold Rush towards the Bush Beast with my camera!
The place was a mess, piles of demolished Gold Rush buildings everywhere.

Old Time photos was just a pile of wood. I had a lump in my throat knowing it was not going to get any better as i made my way further into Gold Rush.


You could see straight through the Bush Beast station, They where on the other side of it breaking up the Bush Beast and starting to demolish the station.



I stopped outside Snowy River Rampage, i figured the best way to get some good photos of Bush Beast was to seek down into Snowy River Rampage with my camera and walk up towards Bush Beast from there.


The very first thing i noticed was a massive pile of dirt in the trough, and the steal cable they used to pull the Bush Beast down.


On the other side of the pile of dirt, closer to the Bush Beast i could see the cable snapped!

Interesting note... This is one of the beem sensors that set of the geysers. As your boat broke the beem this sensor would send a signal to the PLC controlling the ride, the PLC would open a valve and a huge amount of compressed air would shoot down the pipe attached to that geyser forcing the water inside up into the air.
It should be noted that there was a switch on the operators control panel "WET/DRY' If the switch was set to "DRY" then the PLC would delay the geyser release so the water missed you.. if however it was set to WET, then the PLC instructed the geyser to go off at exactly the right point to wet you bad, at least that was the plan


Walked down the trough, following the cable.






I could not get close enough to take any more photos without getting caught, if i could go back and do it again i would of continued to take photos till i was removed form site.