The Demon Operation

Manufacturer: Vekoma
Ride Type: Boomerang
Number of passengers: 28
Max height: 38 metres
Max speed: 70 km/ hr
Max G. Force: 3.8 gs
Hourly capacity: Approx 340 people
Ride duration: 90 seconds
This was the 8th Boomerang built by Vekoma making it quite special.
The train was built by Arrow Dynamics and features 7 cars, seating 4 per car.

Welcome to the Demon. Please place all lose article to the far side of the ride clear of the step, then take a seat and pull down your harness.

Here we go enjoy your ride, remember to keep your head back and hold on and we'll see you back in 90 seconds.

Welcome back everyone, I hope you enjoyed your ride, once the ride has come to a complete stop I'll be along to unlock your harnesses, please remember to collect all of your belongings and to check out your photos in the Demon Manor and enjoy the rest of your day at Wonderland Sydney.