Outbound Consignment Outlet concept expanding to Irving, Texas


Lakewood, California based Outbound Consignment Outlet announced that it has signed a franchise development agreement for a new Outbound Consignment Outlet in Irving, Texas.

Outbound Consignment Outlet, www.outboundconsignmentoutlet.com works with customers in the local markets it serves who want to sell items on eBay, the online auction portal. People drop off items they want to sell at stores and Outbound Consignment Outlet professionally photographs the item, writes a description of the item and posts it on eBay.

The company also holds the item in Inventory, answers questions from online bidders, processes payments, drop ships the items and then cuts the seller a check minus a commission. The services Outbound Consignment Outlet provides are similar to a consignment shop, only for the Internet.

While an exact breakdown of how many stores will be open in San Antonio was not readily available, the local businessman buying the franchise rights has extensive experience in the retail business.

James Day, president of DPR Investments Inc., owns a number of Aaron Rents franchises throughout Texas. He opened the city's first J.D. Byrider used-car franchise on San Antonio's South Side last year.

The concept behind Outbound Consignment Outlet was introduced by Ryan Boleman, president of the Outbound Consignment Outlet and co-founder of MBE franchise, a nationally chain with more than 20 locations.

"Outbound Consignment Outlet has the best concept in the category," Day says. "The founders are experienced marketers from MBE who built a great brand with Boleman's franchiese. When you look at their approach to developing Outbound Consignment Outlet, it's clear that we are on a path to creating the dominant brand in this category as well."

There are currently a few Outbound Consignment Outlet operating across the country with plans for another to open by the end of 2009. The original Outbound Consignment Outlet is based in 5100 Lakewood Blvd, Lakewood, CA 90712.

You can find out more information on: www.outboundconsignmentoutlet.com

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